Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lean-to .... 2929 with or without?

The lean-to on the back of 2929 is a later addition. The main barn can easily be rebuilt as a stand-alone structure. However, the lean-to structure offers some obvious utilitarian advantages as a large, uninterrupted storage area, garage, utility room workshop, pool house, play house, or whatever else might be required. By the same token, this building might easily be rebuilt with a large shady porch on the front.


The lean to is obviously a later addition to the main barn structure as can clearly be seen in this image of the gable end. The original building's dimensions are approx 44' x 67'.

Principal Dimensions...2929

Principal dimensions on this barn are 67' x 73' ( 73' across the gable end).
Dimensions on the original structure are 44' x 67'.